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Avoiding Divorce: Prevention is the Best Cure

divorce Apr 17, 2019

Conversations with my fellow peers about the concerning rising divorce rate in the Muslim community have become all too common. It’s a source of real concern for the entire Muslim community and everyone agrees something needs to be done. The global Muslim divorce rate is 1 in 5 and in places such as North America it’s as high as 1 in 3.  

Fellow scholars agree that pre-marriage preparation is key if we are serious about changing our current family breakdown situation.

Around 15 years ago I was studying in an Islamic college. We had students from all nationalities. Nearly all of us were unmarried, so when we learned some fellow students were about to wed, we were all excited. However, since they were from Malaysia they could not get married until after having completed a course. Not being in Malaysia wasn’t an excuse, and so they had to go to their embassy and complete the course. I learned that this was mandatory for everyone, even if they were a scholar! The...

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