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Created in Pairs Six-Week Online Programme

A Muslim's Complete Guide to a
Stronger, Healthier Marriage

Confidently navigate the ups and downs of marriage with these powerful tools and strategies. Learn how to understand yourself and your spouse better, and honour your marriage roles and responsibilities.

Taught by a qualified Islamic Scholar and Marital Relations Specialist

Discover the Crucial Ingredients Required for a Strong, Long-Lasting and Successful Marriage

We all want to experience a long-lasting, healthy, and happy marriage. We all want to complete half of our Deen and seek Allah’s rewards and blessings in our marriage. After all, marriage is one of the most beautiful and sacred institutions in Islam and gain Allah's pleasure. Allah (Most High) says in the Qur’an:

“And one of His signs is that He has created for you, spouses from amongst yourselves so that you might take comfort in them and He has placed between you love and mercy. In this there is surely evidence (of the truth) for the people who carefully think.” (Surah 30, Verse 21)

But your marriage may have lost its “spark” and become boring, or worse…

You may be misunderstanding your spouse—unable to figure out what’s making them upset—and fighting about unmet needs. In the extreme, you may be struggling with major difficulties.

You may even feel like you no longer want to fix the problems and are ready to give up.

But the good news is you can learn more about yourself and your spouse on a far deeper level.You can have happiness and contentment in your home, with better communication, balance, and stability.

Can You Confidently Answer the Following Questions?

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Do I Understand the Opposite Sex and Behave According to Their Needs and Not My Own?

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Do I Know How to Disagree with My Spouse Effectively, in a Way that Brings Us Closer?

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Am I Working to Change and Improve Myself for the Betterment of my Relationship?

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Do I Know My Responsibilities Towards My Partner, and Am I Fulfilling Them?

If you can’t confidently answer these questions with a YES, you have a lot to think about and learn to be able to achieve a long-lasting and fulfilling marriage...

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The Problem with Modern Marriages

Not understanding the Islamic rulings pertaining to married life—and the guidance provided in the Quran and Sunnah—can lead to major problems such as mistreating one’s spouse, not fulfilling their rights, or falling into impermissible behaviour.

Although there are several good lectures available that cover the virtues of marriage, very few offer a practical framework for overcoming the challenges and difficulties couples may face. Still fewer deep dive into a study of one’s self and personal life and make the connection between our internal problems and how they manifest in our relationships.

Many feel they should only engage with a marriage course when they have problems. However, a course like this enables you to recognise issues and nip them in the bud before they grow arms and legs to become an uncontrollable monster, making your life miserable.

Instead, you can prepare and work on changing who you are so you know how to manage issues when they occur. It's time to put theory into practice.

It's time to put theory into practice.

About 50% of Marriages End in Divorce in the West

Divorce rates are at an all-time high (for non-Muslims and Muslims alike), and the ever-changing morals of our society are affecting how people approach love, relationships, and marriage.

Not understanding the opposite sex and the role of the ego are major reasons for marital conflict. Studying this topic not only gives crucial insights into the psychology of your spouse, but teaches you how to recognise and escape the traps of the ego and thereby avoid common mistakes that can affect the relationship.

Couples believe they can resolve all their issues themselves without outside input. The reality is that demand of relationship counsellors and mediators is constantly growing. Some leave things too late—with issues spiralling out of control—until the point of no return happens. Then, out of desperation, couples seek help, but often it's too late.

If you don’t study this now, you are setting yourself up for potential heartbreak. One must not only learn about love, but the Prophetic way of loving one’s spouse.

Do You Have a Strategy?

Many feel they don’t need to learn how to be a good spouse and what makes healthy marriages work. The reality is that marriage is a massive part of our lives. We spend time and energy on our careers, education, leisure, etc. and we owe it to ourselves to invest in our marriages as well.

Even if you are happy in your marriage, that can change if you don't keep working to improve your relationship. Many are so in love at the beginning of their marriage, they believe that feeling will never change. The reality is I have dealt with lots of love marriages where the love changes—sometimes quickly—into hatred of their spouse.

We can always be more fulfilled, more in love, and in stronger marriages.

Why would you not want that?

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Introducing the Created in Pairs: Keys to an Everlasting Marriage Six-Week Online Programme

An In-Depth Program Designed for Muslim Couples

Created in Pairs is a hands-on, comprehensive, 6-week online programme that empowers you to self-develop alongside your spouse.

Learn the most common challenges in Muslim marriages and how to navigate them. Understand how to engage in marital disputes with grace and respect, and in ways that build a successful Muslim marriage.

Join Shaykh Amer Jamil—an Islamic Scholar and Marriage Specialist—as he coaches you through the ups and downs of marriage. From understanding each other, to honouring our responsibilities, and everything else along your marriage journey as a couple.

The course covers many aspects of marriage in depth. It provides both Islamic rulings and advice from the Sunnah of the Prophet ﷺ alongside the latest research from internationally renowned relationship experts.

The strategies laid out in this course will equip you with the exact tools you need to avoid common problems and pitfalls, while confidently navigating marriage.

For the first time online in his newly improved and updated programme, you will gain access to a synergy of Shaykh Amer’s Islamic knowledge gained over 10 years, lessons taken from over 1000 real-life marriage cases, and the latest research in the relationship and counselling arena.

How Will This Programme Benefit You?

Created in Pairs removes roadblocks regarding healthy marriage. It will save you headache (and heartache), help you avoid common mistakes, and equip you with the essential do’s and don’ts to create the loving relationship you crave.

Before taking this programme, you may:
  • Feel frustrated about the state of your marriage but have no idea where to start or how to fix it.
  • Not understandhow or why your behaviour is upsetting your spouse.
  • Feel that love doesn’t have that ‘spark’ anymore and your relationship has become boring.
  • Feel your needs aren’t being met (physically and emotionally).
  • Be misunderstanding your spouse causing you both frustration.
  • Lack the desire or motivation to fix the problems and have no strategy for improving yourself and your relationship.
  • Find that secular books miss out on the crucial Islamic components.
  • Have tried various techniques and applied different advice, but it’s still not helping your marriage.
  • Have little or no access to a qualified Islamic scholar and marital relations specialist to learn from.
After taking this programme, you will:
  • Feel more aware of your spouse’s emotional and physical needs.
  • Feel much closer, more connected, and more confident in opening up to your spouse than before.
  • Become more aware of the Islamic rulings (rights of spouse, etc.) and learn how to seek Divine guidance.
  • Discover more about your own pitfalls and how you can improve your ability to manage marital conflict by avoiding the most detrimental mistakes.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of yourself and the role that your ego plays in sabotaging your marriage.
  • Gain a stronger ability to control your nafs/ego and remove it from the equation when conflicts occur.
  • Gain a stronger understanding of how your past is affecting your present behaviour towards your spouse and others.
  • Understand the needs and preferences of the opposite gender (based on several real questionnaires from live classes).

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Topics and Themes Covered in this Programme

Importance of Marriage
  • Family breakdown and the effects on society
  • The blessings of Muslim marriage Understanding what marriage is all about
  • The Prophet ﷺ and his behaviour towards his wives
  • Learning to have fun together Dua’s and additional tips for couples
Conflict Management
  • Marital discord
  • Divorce - causes, leads ups, etiquettes, and avoidance
  • Domestic abuse
  • How common misunderstandings occur between spouses and how to avoid them
  • Argumentation and how to avoid it
  • The power of forgiveness
Equal But Different (Men vs. Women)
  • Sexual needs in men vs. women
  • What men and women value in a partner
  • What men need to know about women and vice versa
  • Duties of the spouse Accepting your partner for who they are
  • Psychology of men vs women (how men’s brains work vs. women’s).
  • Understanding what each spouse finds undesirable in one another
Outside Influences
  • In-law relationships and the potential problems
  • Seeking to fulfil your needs outside of marriage
  • Being receptive to advice
  • Time management
  • Financial stress
Understanding the Self
  • Understanding the nafs/ego
  • Getting to know yourself
  • Emotional vs rational decision making
  • Learning how your childhood is affecting your present day behaviour
  • The importance of alone time and healthy separation
  • The need for validation vs. the need for approval
Intimacy in Marriage
  • Lack of communication and loneliness within marriage
  • Spicing up the marriage
  • Sexual intimacy and how to establish a healthy sex life
  • Islamic rulings on intimacy and practical guidance
  • Children and added responsibilities

In essence, this program will both change your marriage and benefit you in all of your personal relationships.

Meet Your Instructor

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Shaykh Amer Jamil

Islamic Scholar and Marital Relations Specialist

Having spent 10 years studying Islamic sciences in various countries with distinguished scholars Shaykh Amer Jamil is a traditionally trained and fully qualified scholar.

Since co-founding the award-winning Islamic Studies course – iSyllabus – Shaykh Amer has taught 1000s of students and is known for his practical and hands-on approach.

Shaykh Amer’s specialisation lies in Islamic Family Law. Being a certified NLP practitioner and also holding a certificate in counselling skills he has combined his religious and secular knowledge to help contextualise marital issues for the Western Muslim living in the 21st century.

With over 10 years of experience in dealing with around 1000 real-life marital cases Shaykh Amer brings not only the Islamic know-how, but also hands-on marital consultation experience, insightful case studies and personal advice.

What You'll Receive

A Comprehensive Roadmap for Building a Healthy, Thriving Marriage

Entire ‘Created in Pairs' Online Programme

This comprehensive six-week online marriage programme comprises over twelve hours of in-depth, on-demand, video lesson modules. You will get access to the weekly classes and weekly course notes when you sign up.

Value: £497

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Lifetime Access To The Online Learning Portal

You get both instant and LIFETIME access to all the course content. This means that you can progress through the course at your own pace. No rush. You can also go back and review lessons and worksheets anytime.

Value: £197

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Comprehensive Course Notes

These notes accompany the video course and include additional Arabic text (e.g. Quranic verses and dua'as). We also added space to complete the discussion questions and exercises. These are both printable and downloadable.

Value: £47

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Practical Exercises With Guided Answers

During the course, Shaykh Amer presents a number of discussion questions for you to complete. These exercises are vital to your success during this course, and we strongly encourage you to spend a sufficient amount of time completing these.

Value: £97

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Total Value (So Far) £838


Along with all the above content gathered from 10 years of Shaykh Amer’s marital relations experience, you’ll also receive the following bonuses for free when you sign up today:

Bonus Q&As From Previous Live Classes

Included in the bonus Q&A session of this course are a wide variety of questions submitted by students from the many previous marriage classes that Shaykh Amer has taught. These questions are categorised and answered within the videos available in this section.

A £197 value

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Ask Shaykh Amer Your Own Questions

As a paying student of this course, you have the option to submit questions related to the course material for Shaykh Amer to answer. Shaykh Amer periodically answers the most relevant questions via a video, live session, or written response. These answers are available to all students enrolled on this course.

A £147 value

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Supplementary Activities for Couples

In addition to the main course content and worksheets, this bonus section includes a series of quizzes and tests for couples to complete together.

A £47 value

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£247 TODAY

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or choose a plan that suits you... 

A small one-time investment to prepare you for a lifetime of happiness – Insha'Allah. Not only will you receive everything mentioned above, you will also have access to a wealth of knowledge from over 10 years of experience by a qualified Islamic Scholar & Marital Relations Specialist.




  • A comprehensive 6-Week ‘Created In Pairs: Keys to an Everlasting Marriage’ Online Programme (£497 Value)
  • Lifetime Access To Online Learning Portal (£197 Value)
  • Comprehensive Course Notes (£47 Value)
  • Practical Exercises With Guided Answers (£97 Value)
  • BONUS: Q&A's From Previous Live Classes (£197 Value)
  • BONUS: Opportunity To Ask Your Own Questions To Shaykh Amer (£147 Value)
  • BONUS: List Of Supplications To Aid In Marriage & Supplementary Activities for Couples (£47 Value)
  • Money Back Guarantee (see below)

YOU PAY: £247 





  • A comprehensive 6-Week ‘Created In Pairs: Keys to an Everlasting Marriage’ Online Programme (£497 Value)
  • Lifetime Access To Online Learning Portal (£197 Value)
  • Comprehensive Course Notes (£47 Value)
  • Practical Exercises With Guided Answers (£97 Value)
  • BONUS: Q&A's From Previous Live Classes (£197 Value)
  • BONUS: Opportunity To Ask Your Own Questions To Shaykh Amer (£147 Value)
  • BONUS: List Of Supplications To Aid In Marriage & Supplementary Activities for Couples (£47 Value)
  • Money Back Guarantee (see below)

YOU PAY: £124 x 2

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Our Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee

Sign Up Today. If You Don’t Like It For ANY REASON Within 14 Days, Just Let Us Know And We’ll Give You A Full Refund. Basically You Get To Try Out 2 Weeks Of The Programme Before Committing Fully!

That is our promise to you, because we are confident in the course and because we want this purchase to be fair to you. In fact, with this 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have NOTHING to lose... but potentially A LOT to gain, insha'Allah.

What Students Are Saying

Read what others have to say after completing this course

“All of the content was appropriate and useful. It is refreshing to have a modern take on difficulties faced by married couples within the context of Islam. I feel that previously I've felt wrong for feeling the way I have about my marriage because of how families have interpreted Islam and a women's role within Islam. Work/life dynamics are changing and pressures are increasing and I felt that this was addressed appropriately.” – Live class attendee

“All was beneficial especially reasoning of male/female brain explaining why men/women do things differently.” – Live class attendee

“Understanding male psychology and thinking- it certainly explained the most common misunderstandings/causes of arguments I have in my marriage!” – Live class attendee

“The most beneficial part was the communication skills and understanding the opposite gender. The Shaykh's real life examples added depth to what he was teaching.” - Live class attendee

“I particularly found the question answer section interesting as it provided a valuable insight into the other sexes thoughts concerns and feelings.” - Live class attendee

“I found the entire course very beneficial but especially where Sheikh explained the nature of behaviour of men and women.” - Live class attendee

“It was excellent in highlighting the main points which need to be addressed in this day and age in regards to reasons why marriages are failing and the part we must play to avoid this from happening.” - Live class attendee

“It made me see a bit more from the husbands perspective and understand certain things which l didn't before, his way of thinking and being!! Alhamdulillah it made a lot of sense for me, and inshaAllah will help me be a good wife to my partner. Jazakallah khair” - Live class attendee

“As a single man, I was still able to gain very deep and valuable insight into married life and I feel much better prepared for being a husband. What really interested me was how not only how men and women think differently from a psychological perspective, but also how a person’s past experiences can affect their existing behaviour towards others. Quite honestly, I think the content delivered in this course will benefit me both within and out with marriage. Understanding the concepts Shaykh Amer teaches will enhance your relationships overall.” - Usman, Scotland

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