Finding Mr. / Mrs. ‘Right’ – on Awaz FM Glasgow

marriage Feb 14, 2019

Alas, February 14th is upon us once again and for many there will be the smell of fresh roses and chocolates filling the air.

While the concept of a single day dedicated to love and romance seems nice to some, it’s more befitting for us to discuss love and relationships at a deeper level, beyond the celebrations of a single day.

Recently I was invited on to Awaz FM – a radio station in Glasgow, Scotland – to do just that. While on the show, the host (Amjid Bashir) asked me a range of questions regarding love, marriage, and finding the right partner.

The full show can be viewed above.

Some of the discussion points include:

  • A bit about myself and my work in the marriage and family law field
  • Enhancing parental involvement and guidance in the marriage process
  • Why are people struggling to find a good match?
  • Delaying marriage
  • Does the ‘perfect’ person exist?
  • And a variety of other marriage-related issues

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What Are Your Thoughts?

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